HSFF 2018 week 3 Central York at Hempfield highlights

EAST HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP, Lancaster County, Pa. -- At Hempfield, the Black Knights faced off with Central York on Friday night.

Central York entered the game after beating Cumberland Valley last weekend.

Early on, the Knights scored after completing a pass that got them inside the 1-yard line. Hempfield extended its lead when Matt Hueston scored on a rushing touchdown.

Central York attacked throughout the night via its passing game, led by senior quarterback Cade Pribula..His first connection to sophomore wideout Taylor Wright-Rawls, put Hempfield on the defensive. Pribula connected with Wright-Rawls the whole game, leading to a Panthers victory.

The Panthers scored the game winner with five seconds left in the game. Final:  Central York 35, Hampfield, 31.

Central York: 35

Hempfield: 31