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York Fair kicks off 253rd year

The York Fair is in full swing…

“It’s pretty cool. Not gonna lie, I underestimated the fair,” said Fisher Orlando, a fair attendee.

Some come for the games…

“You throw a ball in a thing and try to get five in a row,” said Aslynn Foltz, another fair attendee.

Others come for the rides…

“Going down the slide,” said one little boy.

Some might even come for the agriculture…check out the baby piglets!

But there’s one thing in particular that has every single person we spoke to excited.

“Definitely the food,” said one attendee.

“The food,” said another.

“I’m trying to find a slushie,” said a third.

But in addition to all those classic fair favorites, there are some new things to expect too.

“So our biggest new thing is our community pavilion, that’s located across from the froggy stage. That has local musicians, dancers, and we’re even highlighting cultural acts during those days,” said Brianna Holmes, communications director of the York Fair.

There’s also flying cages, a ninja challenge, and a discover the dinosaur exhibit to add to the must see’s this year.

And despite an iffy forecast, Mother Nature can’t rain on this parade.

“We’re staying positive. We are optimistic that won’t happen, but if it does, we’ve got plenty of indoor square footage to keep everyone covered, keep them entertained. All of our tents are undercover- all the crafts at old main covered, port hall. We have enough going on that people can still be happy inside.”

For a full schedule of events, visit the fair website at