Rainy forecast worries neighbors already cleaning up after floods

YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Parts of our area were under a flood warning Sunday. All the while, homeowners continue to grapple with the aftermath of recent flash flooding.

Some people living near areas which already flooded this summer kept a close eye on their property this afternoon, knowing there's still rain headed our way and how much it's already cost them.

"Three months worth of work... gone," said Erwin Dunlap of Chanceford Township.

Dunlap's once lush property in Chanceford Township, York County is now a muddy mess.

"I try to be a rock, but you can't always be the rock," he said tearfully.

Last month's storm destroyed the first floor of Dunlap's home on Brogueville Road, and his landscaping didn't make it either.

Now, he's keeping a close eye on Carter Creek, hoping and praying it doesn't flood again.

"We're going to survive it one way or another. It's what you do. Life hands you things, and you deal with them," he said.

He knows there's still rain in the forecast, but he's prepared.

"We've got the bottom floor emptied out which is our living room, kitchen, living space, and just let the water go through. There's nothing you can do," explained Dunlap.

He's well-aware of what Mother Nature can do.

From his yard, you can see the road, still lined with debris and muck from the recent storm.

All the while, new water steadily collects on his neighbor's front lawn.

Just a few miles away, part of Laurel Road remains closed, and a neighbor living nearby, no longer has a driveway.

"It's slowly going to corrode, because we're still going to get more rain," said Spencer Burns.

There's not much more Spencer Burns and his family can do besides wait.

"It might cut back more, but our plan is to cut it back as far as we need to... and fix it," added Burns.

Like many homeowners in Pennsylvania, the Burns are waiting to hear if they will be eligible to receive federal funding to help with their cleanup.  If you need help cleaning up storm damage, you can dial 211,  and an operator will connect you with emergency officials in your area.

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