York County firefighters receive special emergency training

HANOVER, York County, Pa. -- Firefighters in Hanover, York County spent the weekend getting some special training that could help them in future emergencies.

The three day program is called, "Flash Over Recognition and Survival" and is designed to help firefighters recognize the conditions that can lead up to and cause a flash over.

A flash over is the point at which everything in the room ignites simultaneously.

The simulator lets students see what it's like to battle one of these types of fires in a controlled environment.

It's a dangerous situation for firefighters, so they want them to recognize the signs to hopefully interrupt the cycle and put the fire out before.

"Fires burn much quicker today than they did even ten years ago with the amount of synthetics inside of a fire," said George Miller. "So, this training is critical in saving your own life and preventing tragedies in the fire service."

The program is made possible by the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy.

The flash over simulator heads to Sommerset county next.

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