Bailey Coach sends donations for Hurricane Florence relief

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WEST MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Folks in Central Pennsylvania are stepping up to help out with Hurricane Florence relief, even before the hurricane makes landfall.

One by one, cars pull up and drop items off at Bailey Coach, but not without being greeted with a smile first.

"I brought water, baby wipes, some food, just some canned goods - those types of things," Herbert Thompson, said.

Bailey Coach sent three buses south to help out with Hurricane Florence relief; each jam packed with donations.

"It's really been going well," John Bailey, the president, said. "We had a lot of volunteers between my staff, some of my drivers came in and volunteered. Everybody's helping out."

Including life-long friend, Dwight Schaffer.

"I think we take for granted every day the things we have are necessities - our homes, our families," Schaffer said. "When we lose that stuff, or it's in jeopardy,  it's hard to imagine so I put myself in their place. If I could do anything to help them, I would want people to help me if I was in that situation so that's why I'm helping."

The items are then sorted into these boxes and marked before they're packed to be sent to the food bank in Fayetteville. Bailey expected they'll receive at least 50 thousand pounds of goods before the end of the day.

"We have a warm home to go to, comfortable chair to sit in tonight when we're done at the end of a long day, probably thousands of people after this storm pass aren't going to have a home to go to," Bailey said. "And just a little bit of love from York County by us, collecting these supplies from the gracious people, and dropping them off here that we can at least help them with some emergency supplies after the storm passes."

Bailey Coach is no longer accepting donations, since the buses have already left with the supplies. If you'd still like to help out, Bailey recommends you donate to the Red Cross.

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