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Snake found in Sheetz parking lot reunited with family

This isn’t your average party…

“We’re throwing a python party. We want to encourage everyone to give reptiles a chance,” said Jesse Rothacker, president of the Forgotten Friends Reptile Sanctuary.

Snakes ranging from big, to bigger- showing people that these reptiles don’t have to be scary.

“My favorite part about the snakes is that the snakes are so friendly,” said one little boy.

“They have scales and they have no legs,” said another.

“I like to push them around in baby strollers, I like to have tea parties with them,” said a little girl.

But there was one guest of honor. You might remember Butter.

He was found at a local Sheetz just a couple of weeks ago and unbeknownst to him, was about to be reunited with his family.

“Maybe he just wanted a shmuffin, but my guess is he was scared,” said Rothacker.

Rothacker was called to the Sheetz in New Holland at the end of last month, after a python was spotted near the gas pumps.

After a careful screening of people claiming to be the snake’s owners, Jamie Morton was able to provide photo evidence that the snake was, in fact, hers.

And while they’re not sure exactly how Butter escaped, they sure are happy to have him back.

“They’re like our dogs. Our dogs are my kids, and they’re my kids too,” said Morton.

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