FOX43 Finds Out: Getting your money back

RED LION, Pa -- James Pianowski has heard a recorded message from Samsung dozens of times.

"Probably ranges from anywhere from 30-40 phone calls from me to them," said Pianowski.

The man from York County says he has had to call Samsung`s customer service line a lot over the past year because of his Samsung Tablet S3.

"The tablet would start to freeze up where the screen would go blank and nothing would work."

He has all of the documentation that he sent that tablet to a repair center in New Jersey.

Each time it was fixed and then sent back to him.

Pianowski said "They said the tablet would have to be repaired by them at least 4 or 5 times before they determined that it was defective for a replacement."

He hit that threshold and he says Samsung decided he should send the tablet back again and the company would decide what the outcome would be.

That was in April of this year.

He was then told that he would get a refund.

That didn`t happen.

"The case has been concluded. I don`t have a tablet and I don`t have the $599.99 that I spent to purchase it," he said.

So he called Samsung again.

FOX43 was there for the phone call that lasted 24 minutes.

And then it was over, with no answer or money back for Pianowski.

Pianowski said he was told the problem was "System issues. You know how many times I`ve heard that? Or this that or the other?"

So on July 27th, FOX43 Finds Out contacted Samsung asking why Pianowski hadn`t recieved his refund.

We got an email back on July 30th saying someone was looking into it.

On August 1st we asked for an update - and got no answered.

Then a check showed up in Pianowski`s mailbox.

A check from Samsung for $599.99 - dated August 3rd.

He says he is happy the ordeal is over and has bought another tablet, that`s not from Samsung.

"Beware of what you`re purchasing. Look over the warranty information when you do it, especially if it`s a new product to the line," Pianowski said.

On September 10th, Samsung did respond to us and sent us this statement: “We regret the experience that Mr. Pianowski had with his tablet and we have followed up with him to resolve the matter to his satisfaction. We aspire to have best-in-class service for all Samsung customers and will carefully review Mr. Pianowski’s experience in an effort to constantly improve our processes. We encourage any customer with questions to contact us directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG.”

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