Hundreds forced to change travel plans after Hurricane Florence prompts HIA flight cancellations

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LOWER SWATARA TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. -- Hurricane Florence is quickly approaching  already pushing some airlines at Harrisburg International Airport in Dauphin County to cancel flights ahead of the storm.

Many at the airport on Wednesday were left with choice but to change travel plans before more flights are officially cancelled.

“I was actually planning to fly out tomorrow but since the storm is coming in tomorrow and there’s quite a bit of weather expected, I am trying to get out a little early today," Bobby Watts, traveling back to North Carolina.

Many on business trips just trying to get back home.

"I have a few co-workers that are also in the process between today and tomorrow trying to get back as well," said Latoya Daniels, traveling back to North Carolina.

Latoya Daniels who lives in North Carolina , says she was desperately trying to switch her ticket to leave a day earlier and was lucky enough to get a seat.

“I do have a pet so I have to try and figure out what I’m going to do in order to keep him calm and also I have to hit up the grocery store for water, but I am hoping for the best," said Daniels.

“This storm is going to impact potentially millions of flyers in the next few days," said Scott Miller, HIA spokesperson.

Scott Miller with Harrisburg International Airport says he’s already seeing the impacts the storm is having on travel.

“For example, the Allegiant Myrtle Beach flight, they’ve cancelled flights through the weekend," said Miller.

Miller says the flights out of HIA that will be impacted the most in the coming days include airlines flying into major hubs like Myrtle beach, South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina.

“This is not a planned event so the airline is going to work very hard with you to get you where you want to go as quickly as they can, safely, the challenge is we don’t know how long the duration of the storm is going to be or even it’s final path," said Miller.

“The airlines will rebook you as soon as they can, as soon as they find available space. Be prepared to be flexible and understand the you’ve got to be patient because there’s a lot of people that this is impacting and you won’t be the only one trying to get a hold of an airline over the next few days," added Miller.

Miller says people can expect to see more cancellations on Thursday.

Airport officials recommend that anyone flying to the South East coast in the next 24 hours check with their airline to get a refund or exchange in advance.

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