Dozens of cats and dogs brought to York County from NC shelter ahead of Hurricane Florence

LOWER WINDSOR TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Hurricane Florence has brought operation animal rescue into full force in York County.

Beth Ludwig, with The Last Dog Rescue Inc. in Lower Windsor Township, says she didn’t think twice when she heard a shelter she had worked with in the past, in North Carolina needed help moving animals to a safer place.

“We loaded up, rented a van and took off," said Beth Ludwig, director at The Last Dog Rescue Inc.

“The dogs were outside so they would have been right in the middle of the storm," she added.

Ludwig  says she teamed up with Crazy Critter Crick Farm and Sanctuary, that specializes in cat rescues and with the help of volunteers, together, they took on the sixteen hour drive to North Carolina.

“Had we not gotten them out they would have died in the flooding," said Shannon Donivan, owner of Crazy Critter Crick Farm and Sanctuary in York County.

“We came together and we got every last little furry soul out of there," she added.

A total of  29 cats and 12 dogs were saved.

"They may be nervous, we have one dog back there that is completely shut down," said Ludwig. “He needs a slow hand and someone to just sit pet him and love him, love, that is all they need," she added.

If you’re interested in adopting or fostering these animals, both rescues are accepting applications.

They are also in need of donations for things like food, litter and more.

You can contact Crazy Critter Crick Farm and Sanctuary HERE and The Last Dog Rescue Inc. HERE.


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