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HSFF 2018 week 4 Lebanon at Donegal highlights

MOUNT JOY, Lancaster County, Pa. -- Lebanon faced Section 3 opponent Donegal at Mount Joy on Friday night.

In the first quarter, Donegal's Dylan Martin rolled out of the pocket and ran it in for the game's first score, putting Donegal up 7-0.

Lebanon was able to move the ball in the first half, with big plays  from Isaiah Rodriguez and Jahlil Young. However, Lebanon failed to capitalize early,
leading to problems.

Donegal grew its lead on a Dalton Mullhausen touchdown. The score was set up by a nice run by Zion Gibbs that got Donegal inside the 5-yard line.

Donegal came away with the victory, 34-12.

Lebanon: 12

Donegal: 34