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PPL prepares for potential power outages after Hurricane Florence leaves millions without power

CENTRAL Pa. --Hurricane Florence, now Tropical Storm Florence has made its way inland leaving millions without power.

With storm remnants headed towards Central Pennsylvania, PPL Electric Utility crews are not only on standby to help those along the East Coast, but they’re now also preparing for potential power outages in our area, too.

Officials with PPL tell FOX43 that while Pennsylvania isn't experiencing a direct hit, heavy rainfall may cause flooding to the already saturated ground, which is a concern for tree-related outages.

Tracie Witter, a spokesperson for PPL Electric Utilities in Pennsylvania, says their teams are ready to step in and help restore power if needed.

"We are a part of two mutual assistant groups and we will be able to access that request and respond accordingly," said Tracie Witter.

However come Monday, Central Pennsylvania may be in need some help, too.

According to the National Weather Service, parts of the area could see a couple inches of rain with localized flooding.

“We're closely monitoring the situation here to be prepared to respond to potential flooding, persistent wind and rain is what we are worried about now," said Witter. “The ground is already very saturated so with that the trees are more likely to fall on power lines," she added.

PPL has more than 200 people ready to work around the clock as the storm approaches.

"We have our teams on high alert to be ready to respond," said Witter.

To report power outages or downed power lines you can text OUTAGE to TXTPPL (898-775) or call 1-800-DIAL-PPL.