Police investigating death of two-year-old York boy

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YORK, Pa. -- York City Police are investigating the death of a 2-year-old boy that happened earlier this month. Still no charges have been filed. Both Dante's mother and aunt said they are looking for justice for Dante.

Leah Mullinix said this started on September 6th. She said she had a migraine and went to the emergency room, so she left her two-year-old son, Dante, with a babysitter.

"Everybody that met him fell in love with him because he was just a really great kid," Leah, Dante's mother, said.

At the time she dropped him off, she said he was fine. She even FaceTimed him at around 9p.m. that night.

"And then he FaceTimed me again after 10, flipping out saying, 'he's not breathing he's not breathing,' and then I was just like, 'call the ambulance, bring him to the hospital or something because my son needs medical attention.' I told him that multiple times and then he finally brought him in. My son was completely limp, he gave him to a nurse, and then he took off," Leah said.

According to York City officials, Dante was admitted to York Hospital with injuries earlier this month. He was then transferred to Hershey Medical Center where he died over the weekend.

"And then we have a lot of people on facebook bashing me saying, 'oh Leah is a piece of s***. She did this to her son.' No I did not," Leah said.

York County Children, Youth, and Families sent FOX43 the following statement: "The York County Office of Children, Youth & Families was involved with Dante Mullinix's family as of Sept. 1. The agency was involved with his family for six days before the incident that ultimately led to his death."

Dante's Aunt, Sarah Mullinix, said CYS was called multiple times, and believes not enough was done.

"Because obviously if they did something you would think he would still be alive right now," Sarah said.

Investigators are now waiting for the results of an autopsy to determine the cause of death, and whether a crime occurred.

"Everybody's blaming me, accusing me, but I wasn't the one that abused my baby. I love my baby more than anything, and I don't even have him anymore," Leah said.

Both Dante's mother and aunt are still angry no one has been charged.

"My nephew is dead. And two-year-olds just don't die. Someone had to do something to him in order for that to happen," Sarah said.

"I'm still in denial that this happened to my baby. I am upset, I am angry that the police did not charge the guy who was babysitting my son with murdering him," Leah said. "And it seems like he also was sexually assaulted too."

The Dauphin County Coroner's office is performing the autopsy tomorrow. Dante's birthday is this Friday. He would've turned three-years-old.

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