Diesel Direct announces purchase of Worley & Obetz; Locally-owned Rhoads Energy buys its propane, HVAC and natural gas divisions

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MANHEIM — Diesel Direct, the nation’s largest onsite mobile fueling company, announced Wednesday that it has acquired the assets of troubled Lancaster County energy company Worley & Obetz.

“Thousands of former Worley & Obetz customers finally have some good news, and some clarity about their accounts for commercial and home fueling services,” Diesel Direct said in a press release.

Diesel Direct will make the former Worley & Obetz Manheim location as its new headquarters for Pennsylvania and operate all services from the facility, the announcement said.

In addition, Rhoads Energy has agreed to immediately purchase divisions that service home retail customers, including HVAC and propane divisions, from Diesel Direct. It will operate those services from the former home of Worley & Obetz as well.

“All former Worley & Obetz employees are strongly encouraged to contact Diesel Direct and Rhoads Energy about employment opportunities,” the Diesel Direct announcement said. “Both Diesel Direct and Rhoads Energy are focused on generating more jobs locally for technicians, drivers and other personnel.


“Our team is excited to expand our existing footprint in the Pennsylvania area with this acquisition,” Diesel Direct CEO William McNamara added. “We look forward to growing our presence in the market and providing an enhanced customer experience with our industry-leading technology and solutions.”

Rhoads Energy’s purchase includes equipment, trucks and other assets, like propane tanks installed in the homes of thousands of area customers.

“We sought this purchase because in enables Worley & Obetz customers to continue to get local propane and HVAC service from a hometown provider,” said Rhoads Energy CEO Michael DeBerdine III. “This move also enables us to grow our team and add jobs.”

Diesel Direct is ready to provide fleet fueling services, commercial service for storage tanks and heating oil for former Worley & Obetz customers.  Please use the instructions below to contact Diesel Direct:

·       Visit www.dieseldirect.com

·       Click on “Welcome Worley & Obetz Customers and Employees”

·       Follow the appropriate link for the service you require

Or call Diesel Direct at 888-900-7787.

DeBerdine also announced that Rhoads Energy will honor the remaining terms of Worley & Obetz service contracts for all customers who choose to renew their plans with Rhoads Energy.

Rhoads Energy has established a simple online process for former Worley & Obetz customers to confirm their account transfer:

·       Visit www.RhoadsEnergy.com

·       Click “Welcome, Worley & Obetz Customers and Employees”

·       Complete the simple online form about the transition

Customers who stick with the trusted service provided by Rhoads will experience no disruption of service. They will also benefit from an experienced service team that includes former Worley & Obetz employees.

Diesel Direct and Rhoads will immediately begin outreach to every former Worley & Obetz customer via email, phone and in person in anticipation of completing this transaction next week.

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