State Police Trooper suspended for allegedly assaulting her fiance, a fellow Trooper

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CARLISLE — A Pennsylvania State Trooper has been suspended without pay for the September 13 assault of her fiance and fellow State Trooper, according to court documents and State Police.

Rhiannon Elizabeth Trate, 26, of the 700 block of Macarthur Drive, is charged with simple assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct in connection to the incident, which occurred at about 8:40 p.m. at the residence Trate shares with the victim.

Tratee, a Trooper in the Chambersburg barracks, has been suspended without pay, State Police confirmed to FOX43. The victim is a Trooper out of the Carlisle barracks, State Police said.

According to Middlesex Township Police, officers were dispatched to the apartment after a neighbor called to report a suspected domestic incident.

Police say they found the victim standing outside and noticed the victim had sustained injuries to his cheek/eye area, nose, forearms and hands. The victim told police that he and his girlfriend had been arguing, and that both had gotten “out of control.”

The victim refused to answer further questions and, noticing that the questioning officer had his body camera turned on, requested to speak off-camera, according to the criminal complaint.

Trate and the victim both had alcohol on their breath when police spoke to them, according to the criminal complaint. Trate told police that she and the victim had been drinking for the past two days, the criminal complaint states. They began arguing over family and personal matters, when the victim became upset and threw a metal water bottle, damaging an interior room door, Trate told police.

Trate also alleged that the victim broke a tile sink in the bathroom with his hands, police say. She said she became afraid after the victim grabbed her face, and went and grabbed her personal handgun from a nightstand in the bedroom, according to the criminal complaint. Trate told police she got the gun to protect herself and to intimidate the victim. The gun was loaded and pointed toward the floor, Trate said.

The victim then allegedly disarmed Trate, unloaded the gun, and began using it to bang on the front door as the argument continued, Trate told police. She then struck the victim in the face, causing bruising, redness, and swelling to his left eye and an abrasion to the cheek area.

Police say they examined Trate and did not notice any redness or marks on her arms, hands, shoulders, neck, back, or face area. Trate declined medical attention, police say.

After speaking to both parties, police determined that Trate was the aggressor of the physical confrontation and placed her under arrest.

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