21-year-old Carlisle man accused of having sex with 14-year-old girl

CARLISLE — Middlesex Township Police have charged a 21-year-old Carlisle man with statutory sexual assault and other offenses after they say he had sex with a 14-year-old girl multiple times earlier this summer.

Alexander William Black, of the first block of Redwood Lane, is also charged with photographing/filming/depicting on computer a sex act with a minor and corruption of minors in the incidents, which occurred in late July and early August, according to police.

Officers began an investigation on August 6, when the victim’s mother and a temporary caregiver contacted them to report the alleged sexual assault of the victim, who is 14 years old and reportedly has special needs.

The victim’s temporary caregiver told police she was watching the girl for the week, and that the girl was staying in her home. During a trip to the neighborhood swimming pool on the afternoon of August 6, the caregiver said, the victim said she felt ill and asked to return home. The caregiver allowed her to walk home at about 3:30 p.m., but when she returned home to check on the girl, the home was empty, the caregiver said.

The caregiver asked around the neighborhood and was told the girl might be with the suspect, Alex Black. She was in the process of obtaining Black’s address when her husband called to say the girl had come home. The victim would not tell the caregiver or her mother where she had been, so the victim’s mother took the girl’s phone and searched its Facebook Messenger and text messages, police say.

The victim’s mother discovered a series of texts and messages, in which the victim and Black discussed having sex that afternoon. There were also nude photos of the victim, which had been sent to Black, according to the criminal complaint. The victim’s mother also found texts in which the victim told Black she was 14 years old, and a reply from Black affirming he was at least 19.

The victim’s mother told police there were also messages indicating the victim and Black had sex the previous week, when they met.

According to police, the victim’s mother went to Black’s home, where he lives with his parents, and confronted him with both parents present. Black allegedly admitted to having sex with the victim and indicated he used a condom.

Police interviewed the victim, who said she first met Black at a park in the neighborhood. She said she told Black she was 14 when they met, and he said he was “cool with it.”

The victim said she and Black had sex in his home the following Saturday, and again the Monday after that, according to the criminal complaint. During the encounters, the victim told police she and Black engaged in oral, anal and vaginal sex. They also took video and photos during the encounters.

She told police that Black knew her age before they had sex. She said he told her that if she told anyone what happened, he would never talk to her again, according to the criminal complaint.

The victim told police she feared Black, because he had “choked out” an ex-girlfriend, police say.

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