CENTER STAGE: Fulton Theatre’s season-opening in their biggest original production ever

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LANCASTER, Pa. - As the old saying goes, "Go out with a bang!" But the Fulton Theatre would rather start with one, beginning their 2018-2019 season with the theatre's biggest original production ever.

'Treasure Island' tells a coming of age story like none other. The Robert Louis Stevenson classic tells the tale of young Jim Hawkins. Hawkins is left orphaned and inherits a coveted treasure map that any swashbuckler would kill for, including the feared and unpredictable Long John Silver. Left in the care of Dr. Livesey and his squadron, Jim’s naïveté could spell the end for them all! Before the sails are hoisted, Silver’s band of pirates covertly invade the ship, falsely portraying cooks and other crewmen and are determined, at any cost, to seize the gold.

You can visit the 1800s classic now through October 14th. Ticket information can be found at

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