Praying for peace and remembering the victims of gun violence in Harrisburg

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- People of all different faiths gathered for a prayer vigil in Harrisburg to remember all the lives lost from gun violence in the city.

The service commemorated the International Day Of Prayers For Peace, and similar events happened all over the world this weekend.

During the vigil, people laughed, cried, and sang all to raise awareness for gun violence and to pray for change.

“We want to raise our voices. We want to inspire hope, and we want to take action to make our community safer and to decrease gun violence," said Reverend Ron Tilley, organizer of Heeding God’s Call Harrisburg.

They also gathered to remember the 116 lives lost because of gun violence in the Harrisburg area since 2009.

They set up a 'Memorial to the Lost' outside St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church to honor the victims.

"Each of these names represents a story, a family, friends, and potential that was snuffed out of our community," added Reverend Tilley.

People of all walks of life said each and every victim's name.

Cordell Nash's mother, Robin, says her son was just 26 years old when he was shot and killed in Harrisburg.

"I’m representing my child that got gunned down with his sister. This pain. I praise anybody who put this [the shirt] up for my son and didn’t forget him," said Robin Nash.

She says Cordell was shot point blank by a man armed with a 45 magnum, and the same bullet hit his little sister.

Robin says she survived by the Grace of God.

She hopes the memorial can save others from the pain her family has endured.

"When you look at stuff like this, nice stuff, my son, it makes you think about, I hope it makes you think about pulling the gun or pulling the trigger," she said.

The 'Memorial to the Lost' will be set up outside St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church on 19th and Market Streets in Harrisburg until tomorrow night.

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