Lancaster County investigators seek answer after man’s body was found in field Saturday

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PEQUEA TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. --- Investigators say they found Ronel Villaneuva-Mejias, 48, in a field around 7 a.m. Saturday on the 2100 block of New Danville Pike between Long Lane and Stoney Lane.

Brett Hambright with the Lancaster County District Attorney's Office said they believe Villaneuva-Mejias was left in the poorly lit area Friday night into Saturday morning.

He said there was evidence he was driven to the field.

"We have markings in the grass that indicate he was probably driven off the berm of the road and placed where he was found," said Hambright.

The Lancaster County Coroner’s Office says there were no signs of trauma to the inside or outside of Villaneuva-Mejias' body in the initial autopsy Monday.

Investigators say they do not believe Villaneuva-Mejias was killed by someone, due to the lack of traumatic injuries.

They await the results of a toxicology report, which the Coroner's Office says is expected to take about three to four weeks.

They also estimates Villaneuva-Mejias was dead between four and 12 hours prior to being found.

Hambright said investigators have spoken with family members.

Now, they're trying to understand where Villaneuva-Mejias was prior to Friday night.

"There's that gap of time after Friday night into Saturday morning where we know where he ended up. We just don't know how he specifically got there and who took him there," said Hambright.

Officials with the Lancaster County Prison say Villeneuva-Mejias was released Friday evening from the prison.

At the time of publication, FOX43 has not confirmed why he was in prison, originally.

The Lancaster County District Attorney's Office is looking for tips including if anyone saw anything suspicious in the New Danville Pike area late Friday or early Saturday.

They also need information of Villaneuva-Mejias' whereabouts prior to Saturday morning.

Tips can be submitted, anonymously, here.

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