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Hanover man facing charges after allegedly stabbing pregnant girlfriend’s father

YORK COUNTY, Pa.– A Hanover man is facing charges after allegedly stabbing his pregnant girlfriend’s father.

Travis Jarocki, 33, is facing aggravated assault, simple assault, and terroristic threats charges for the incident.

On September 21, police were dispatched to the 500 block of York Street in Hanover Borough for a reported stabbing.

Upon arrival, police learned that the suspect, Jarocki, and a woman were last seen walking in the 400 block of Locust Street.

Police were able to track down the duo, and found them to be in possession of multiple phone chargers with blood splattered on the charges and the woman’s right hand and feet.

While interviewing Jarocki, he told police that his pregnant girlfriend was pushed by her father, and that he used his hands to beat him up.

Jarocki told police that he thought his girlfriend’s father had given up the fight and went back towards his room when he allegedly threw a long “steak type” knife towards Jarocki.

According to the criminal complaint, Jarocki responded by throwing a small “paring type” knife at his girlfriend’s father as he was walking out of the room before “blacking out” while beating him up.

While interviewing the woman, police learned that she saw Jarocki stab her father while stating something to the effect of “I told you not to touch her… I hate your guts.”

Now, Jarocki is facing charges.