Lancaster County Prison cracking down on greeting cards starting October 1

LANCASTER, Pa. --- Starting next Monday, October 1, greeting cards will no longer be accepted at the Lancaster County Prison unless they’re shipped by an approved vendor.

The prison will still be accepting letters.

Warden Cheryl Steberger said this is just another step in their aggressive approach to keeping drugs out.

“They’re still finding their way inside," said Steberger.

She said heroin and fentanyl continue to be main concerns at the prison.

Now, Steberger said they’re finding greeting cards with Suboxone inside, which is a controlled substance used to treat addiction to narcotics but can also be harmful in high doses.

She said their goal it to try to keep prison staff and inmates safe.

“Obviously, I’d like it to stop. But knowing and being in the field for so long, we’re just taking a very aggressive approach and trying to be proactive in what we’re doing here. And we know we have a lot of work to do," said Steberger.

Joshua Parsons, chairman of the Lancaster County Commission, said they're trying to stay ahead of the curve as the drug epidemic continues to grip the community outside the prison walls.

"As we shut down an avenue, which we have, different avenues for people to bring drugs into the prison, some people will try to find other avenues. So our job is to stay ahead of them,” said Parsons.

Efforts the prison has taken since August 2017 include non-contact visitation, K9 searches of district justice offices and not allowing books to be sent directly to inmates.

A link to the approved greeting card site can be found here.

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