State leaders discuss Dauphin County voting machine updates and security

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Pennsylvania State leaders holding a public hearing on Tuesday to discuss Dauphin County voting machines security.

"We're gathering information, reforming the election code and making sure we have a process moving forward in purchasing new machines," said Mike Folmer, 48th District State Senator.

State Senator, Mike Folmer, says he went into the meeting with one goal in mind.

"To make sure our elections are secure, that every vote counts and that every vote is privately cast," said Folmer.

Jerry Feaser, with Dauphin County Voter Registration & Elections, says while he understands the administration is interested in seeing new systems, he believes the machines the county plans to use for this years elections will do the trick.

"It's a system that voters have been using for 33 years, they're comfortable with it, they're confident in it and it's something that they know when they go in what to look for and how the machine works," said Feaser.

Feaser says there's one thing that makes the current machines safe against voter fraud.

"Looking for the internet or a wifi connection on these machines is like looking for a turbo charger in a model T-Ford, it's just not there," added Folmer.

"We're asking for a little more time, a little more patience, let's get through a contentious 2020 presidential election and then maybe more counties will be in the position to be ready to replace," said Feaser.

"We got to make sure that we're doing this right, that it's accountable and that it's transparent," added Folmer.

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