Father: Autistic son abused by bus driver

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MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The father of a 12-year-old York County boy with autism says his son was smacked and dragged across a school van floor. Now the County Office of Children, Youth, and Families is investigating.

The boy's father, Edward Asherman, said this incident happened last week but he only found out about it two days ago when CYF showed up at his door.

Edward Aherman said his son, Edwardo, has had the same bus driver for four years. So when CYF showed up at his door...

"I was furious man," Asherman said. "Trying to stay calm. But it's hard to stay calm."

They dropped a bombshell.

"CYF said that they got a report of my son being abused on the bus," Asherman said. "Smacked on the face. And the bus driver dragged him on the floor. But I didn't know anything about it until Tuesday. School didn't call me. No one called me."

And he said they still haven't. So FOX 43 called them. His son goes to Soaring Heights Elementary at Leg Up Farm. They said they are aware of the incident, but didn't call because they have no information on it.

"His aide sits in the back with my son because he has to be strapped in sometimes because he's off the chain a little bit. So there's an aide on there. I guess she witnessed my son being dragged and smacked," Asherman said.

FOX 43 asked the school about the aides. They said they aren't contracted or provided through the school. And, again, they don't provide transportation to their students and that it's handled by the school districts and their bus services.

The bus service, F & S Transportation Inc. said they wouldn't comment because it's under investigation. Asherman said the bus driver is still driving, but on another route. F & S Transportation Inc. said they wouldn't disclose that either.

I hope she gets fired. I hope the school system up here gets in trouble too," Asherman said.

Since all of this is still under investigation, it is unknown who reported the incident, and what the aide or aides involvement was. As for any surveillance footage, F & S Transportation Inc. said some of their buses and vans have cameras and some of them don't.

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