‘Ask Evan’: “Will the new ‘Real I-D’ allow you to cross into Canada?”

This week's 'Ask Evan' question comes from Gerald and Dee K.  They ask, "Will the new real id drivers license allow travel across the Canadian border?  Pennsylvania's current drivers license will not!

The short answer is-- no.  PennDOT says 'Real ID' will not be all you need to travel across the Canadian border.  You will still need to have a passport to do so. 'Real ID'
will allow you access to federal facilities and will be an acceptable form of identification to fly commercially.  However, a passport will also allow for the very same access to federal facilities and commercial flights -- and travel out of the country.

So, if you plan to travel to Canada or elsewhere out of the country you'll need a passport, and don't necessarily need a 'Real ID'.  If you are only concerned about federal facility access and domestic flight, the 'Real ID' may be a preferred option.

Real ID' will be rolled out to Pennsylvanians starting next year and will be optional.

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