Pedestrian killed by CAT bus in Harrisburg raises intersection safety concerns

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HARRISBURG, Pa -- A pedestrian struck and killed by a capital area transit bus in Harrisburg has some wondering just how safe the intersection of market and second streets really is.

According to police, 63-year-old Daniel Harmon of York County died while walking the across market and second streets Monday evening, leaving some concerned about the safety of that intersection

“I walk these streets to take the bus every morning," said Bobbie Stielo, Harrisburg resident.  “See that light is green and if I go across, you see how they aren’t paying attention, they’re just go across," she added.

People who regularly walk intersection say the biggest problem they’re seeing  is when the light turns green, the crosswalk light is also giving pedestrians the go to walk across.

FOX43 asked Harrisburg City officials, behind the “vision zero” multi-year study, pushing to eliminate the number of traffic-related deaths, what is being done about it?

“That particular area hasn’t in the past, been an area for concern," said Joyce Davis.

“That’s not to say that we won’t look at this and try to make sure there’s nothing we can do to prevent another accident from happening like this," said Davis.

Statistics from the study show traffic-related deaths have quadrupled in Harrisburg since 2013.

“We’re analyzing it and we’re trying to come up with some solutions, especially for those areas we know are high in traffic accidents," said Davis.

“This has really elevated this as big concern so hopefully it fuels the fire and helps to move that process forward," said Richard Farr, Executive Director at Capital Area Transit.

“Every trip on a bus begins with a walk and so we want all those connections to and from the bus stops to be as safe as possible," he added.

“It’s not safe, they need to do something with this corner," said Stielo.

Police are still working to determine what actually happened and are looking to see if the lights and crosswalk was a determining factor.

Surveillance video has been obtained from cat transit and is in the process of being reviewed.

Police say investigation could take days to weeks.

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