“Breast-a-Ville” encourages breast cancer awareness to Millersville University students

MILLERSVILLE, Pa --- On Wednesday, Millersville University held its eighth annual "Breast-a-Ville" event for breast cancer awareness.

From 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m, students were offered free games, giveaway items and opportunities to learn more from university clubs and organizations.

The creator of the event, Dr. Dennis Denenberg, says he does it for his sister, Diana, who died after battling breast cancer for 18 years.

He said they hope to "plant the seed" of breast cancer awareness in students to, potentially, save a life some day.

“It raises a consciousness among young people who, mostly, think they’re invincible. And the secondary effect is we hope they’ll talk to mom, dad, friends about the importance of breast cancer self-exams and breast cancer mammograms," said Dr. Denenberg.

More information can be found on Millersville University's nursing department website here.

A fundraiser for "Breast-a-Ville" next year will be held on October 21 at the Ware Center in Lancaster.