Construction signs create a blind spot for drivers in York County

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YORK TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. --Road construction signs that were blocking the view of drivers on South Queen Street in York County have been removed.

However, people who drive on Chancellor and South Queen Street daily tell FOX43 that whenever there is construction, road signs get placed right on a corner, making it hard to see.

“Say a little prayer and pull out," said Lindsey Ward, York Township resident.“It’s been really difficult, we have to make a left turn pretty regularly and when the signs are up, you can’t see, so it’s hard to gauge whether you should go or not because they put signs in the worst place," she added.

Donald Brown has been running ‘Queen Street Chiropractic’ for over 20 years.

He says it’s not the first time he’s seen signs placed at the top of the hill.

“It just seems like they are doing construction regularly down through Queen Street there," said Brown. “The difficulty is definitely heading North on Queen Street, vision is difficult, that’s why my sign was placed back and it’s well out of view but these signs here make it very difficult to see oncoming traffic, he added.

FOX43 reached out to PennDOT, regarding the publics concerns, and they tell us that while the current project isn’t theirs, construction crews are required to install traffic control devices in accordance to PennDOT guidelines, adding in part quote —

“There are allowances to move signs to ensure traffic control provides the appropriate guidance to motorists and does not impede sight distance.” - PennDOT.

 “If they could change it, it would be a lot safer, we have a lot of people coming through that need to make lefts and rights," added Ward.

Officials with PennDOT  ask anyone who sees a construction sign blocking their view to report it to their Highway Occupancy Unit in York County. They can be reached at 717-718-6979.

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