Lancaster City Police host “Coffee with a Cop” event

LANCASTER, Pa. --- In honor of National Coffee with a Cop day Wednesday, Lancaster City Police hosted an event of their own.

From 9 to 11 a.m., Lancaster City Police met with residents at the McDonald's on the 200 block of West King Street.

Sgt. Dorsey Sumrall said this is the second year they've hosted "Coffee with a Cop" at that location.

He said they'll generally meet with about 15 to 20 people at these events.

He said the purpose is to open a conversation with residents to build relationships over a cup of coffee.

“It offers clarity to certain situations, why we perform the way that we do in our job duties. Also, it offers clarity to us to understand why neighbors have the expectations of the police department that they do. This allows us to better serve our community,” said Sgt. Sumrall.

Lancaster City Police say anyone can reach out to them for comments or concerns through their website and Facebook page.