HSFF 2018 week 7 Hershey at Cedar Cliff highlights

CAMP HILL, Cumberland County, PA. -- The Hershey Trojans visited Cedar Cliff on Friday night.

The Colts built up a large first half lead that only got larger in the waning moments of the half. Chris Dare connected with Bobby Whalen for a touchdown with just. 9.7 seconds left in the first half. Cedar Cliff led 35-7 midway through the game.

Cedar Cliff even managed to get things going from bad field position. Jahiem Morris got the ball out of the shadow of his own goal line, reaching the opponents' 45-yard line. Morris capped off the drive just four plays later with a touchdown.

The Colts defense didn't allow a single second half point.

Cedar Cliff goes on to win 48 -7.

Hershey:  7

Cedar Cliff:  48

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