Friends mourn the loss of their loved one; neighbors consider leaving York after overnight deadly shooting

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YORK, Pa. --  York City Police have made an arrest in connection to a fatal overnight shooting in York.

Friends of the victim are grieving, and neighbors living nearby say enough is enough, ready to leave the city.

"It hurts cause he's a good man, you know what I mean? He doesn't deserve something like this, and neither does his family," said Jocelyn Maldonado of York.

Candles now burn in honor of Tyler Owens, 24, who lived in York, while friends grieve the sudden loss of their loved one.

"If I ever felt alone, I knew I could call him, and he'd be there," added Maldonado.

York City Police say Zane Senft, 22, shot Owens around 1:30 Sunday morning on the 100 block of South Richland Avenue.

That's close to the Turkey Hill where Owens worked.

"He was always very, like, 'yes ma'am. Can I get you anything else, ma'am. How was your night going?' Always had a smile on his face," said Michelle Humke of York.

"You'd go up there, pay for your stuff, very well spoken kid, nice kid," said Chris Lewis of York.

Chris Lewis and Michelle Humke live across the street from the Turkey Hill.

This shooting is just the latest spree of violence they say they've witnessed in their neighborhood.

"There's been a couple drive by shootings over by Princess, a few doors down that way we had somebody we knew and they were sitting on their porch and they were shot at, and the alley over there on July 4th weekend," explained Humke.

So many shootings, they say they can't keep track of them all.

"It could happen to us right now! We just don't know. Somebody could be driving along having a shoot out with somebody else, and bullets are flying!" she added.

Because of the violence, they say they've been considering a move.

"Now, we want to make sure we're out of here in the next thirty days," stated Humke.

York City Police tell FOX43 they've initiated a targeted law enforcement response in the west end of the city, where the shooting and other violence have taken place.

Neighbors and friends say they just want the needless violence to end.

"Our city is full of hate right now, and I don't know what it's for, but it got to stop," added Maldonado.

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