Incumbent Rep. Smucker, challenger King debate issues at Millersville University

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MILLERSVILLE, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. --- On Monday, more than 700 people gathered at Millersville University to hear a debate between the candidates for the eleventh congressional district.

The district includes all of Lancaster County and southeastern York County.

Incumbent Republican Representative Lloyd Smucker is looking for his second term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

His Democratic challenger is Jess King.

Topics Monday night ranged from tax reform, health care, infrastructure, campaign finance, immigration, school safety, climate change and civility following the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

On tax reform, Smucker said tax cuts are creating a strong economy, low unemployment and consumer confidence.

"Businesses, and individuals, small businesses, CEOs are confident to invest their dollars, grow this economy and create jobs. What is not to like about that record?" said Smucker.

King said the "trickle-down economics" aren't working for low income people.

She is pushing for progressive tax reforms, "paying a fair share," to help the economy grow from the bottom up.

"We are the most unequal rich country on Earth. The current tax bill exacerbates that, speed it up, helps the people at the top to grow their incomes and their assets faster than folks at the bottom," said King.

On health care, Smucker said competition is the key, with ideas like allowing small businesses to band together to get access to larger health care companies.

"You will drive the best innovation. You will drive the best pricing structure by creating an environment of competition," said Smucker.

King believes special interests and private companies are preventing the country from going to a single-payer system.

She believes "Medicare for All" would alleviate insurance costs.

"We are the only industrialized country on Earth that does not provide healthcare for it's citizens. The only one," said King.

On campaign finance reform, Smucker accused King of using campaign dollars for personal uses, including a salary, and accepting money from out of state groups.

King responded by saying she has "nothing to hide" and they "haven't made any errors."

She also said she gets "more money in state contributions...more money from people...and more money from small dollar contributions..." than Smucker.

Smucker encouraged people to look up "who is funding each campaign."

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