York woman accused of fighting with police, resisting arrest for public intoxication

SPRINGETTSBURY TOWNSHIP — A 37-year-old York woman is facing several charges after police say she fought with officers who were attempting to take her into custody after a domestic incident at a Springettsbury Township  bar on Saturday night.

Amber Lynne Conley, of the 3400 block of Eastern Boulevard, was charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, harassment, public drunkenness, and disorderly conduct in the incident, which occurred at 11:52 p.m. at Barnhart’s Hospitality Inn, on the 3000 block of East Market Street, Springettsbury Township Police say.

According to police, Conley was involved in a domestic altercation at the bar in which she allegedly struck a male victim several times in the chest, arms and abdomen. The couple was arguing over Conley’s intoxication, police say.

When officers arrived, they found Conley standing near a red Saturn sedan, holding her toddler son. She allegedly stated she was leaving the scene with the child, police say. Officers noted the odor of alcohol emanating from Conley, and that she was slurring her speech. She was unable to provide details about the argument with the male victim, police say, and said she had no family or friends she could call to take her home.

Conley allegedly grew more agitated and loud when police told her she could not drive home in her condition, police say. When police eventually attempted to arrest her for public intoxication, Conley refused to let go of her son and began resisting arrest, striking one officer in the face. Conley continued to resist arrest as officers attempted to place her in restraints and get her inside a police vehicle.

Officers eventually managed to restrain Conley until she calmed down, but when they attempted to walk her to a police vehicle, she began resisting again, kicking one officer in the arms, chest, and legs, police say.

When police finally got her inside a cruiser, Conley banged her head into the glass partition separating the front seat from the back seat, police say. She continued her aggressive and combative behavior when she arrived at Central Booking, police say.

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