Benefit held for food truck fire victims

EAST HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP, Lancaster County -- A father and son were severely burned after their food truck exploded.
"Just a routine thing to see them doing their thing. Getting ready for whatever it is they're going to do. It's just an unfortunate event," said Steven Brewer, Comfort Suites employee.
Almost two months ago, Chris Gage and his son Ryan, were preparing for an event at the Comfort Suites in East Hempfield Township, Lancaster County.
"Talking back and forth, and boom. Looked over and saw something fly in the air and something fly out the back and I wasn't sure what or who it was," said Brewer.
That's when the explosion happened.
"I had nothing else on me but an extra T-shirt. So, I just took the shirt I had on ... off and threw it on top, trying to extinguish the flames," said Brewer.
After doing everything they could to save them, the community rallies around the family, hosting a benefit to help out with medical expenses.
Ryan and his mom thanked all 11-members from the comfort suites for their heric actions, because if it wasn't for them, they might not be here today.
"I cannot express how the community has rallied around us and how helpful that's been during the healing process. How deeply in dept I am," said Holly Gage, wife/mom.
Over 60 items auctioned off.
All donated by the community.
"Just very thankful that he knew what to do and didn't hesitate to do it," said Ryan Gage, son/Garofalo's Calabria, L.C.C.
It's a long road to recovery for Ryan and his father, but the bond they share, has never been stronger.
"It's brought us a lot closer. This is just another step, another brick in the pathway and we're going to get there together," said Ryan.
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