DA: Former Northampton Twp. official, girlfriend allegedly spiked woman’s drink, took inappropriate pictures of her

BUCKS COUNTY — A former Northampton Township official and his girlfriend are accused of spiking a woman’s drink and taking inappropriate photos of her without consent, according to the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office.

Lawrence Weinstein and Kelly Drucker, both of Northamption Township, face multiple felony counts each, including violations of the Pennsylvania Wiretap Act related to the criminal use of the webcam, glasses and cell phones, and misdemeanor counts of false imprisonment, invasion of privacy, recklessly endangering another person and criminal conspiracy.

Last fall, the couple — through text messages — allegedly plotted to spike their victim’s drink with high-proof alcohol so that she would be unable to drive and also be forced to go to Drucker’s home where a webcam was placed in the bathroom, the criminal complaint says.

The plan, which the couple referred to as their “mission,” began in late October 2017. And on the evening of November 10, Drucker and the victim met at a Mexican restaurant for dinner.

Weinstein was not at dinner but he’s accused of coaching Drucker, also via text message, on how best the convince their victim to come back to her home and ensure that the victim continues to drink greater amounts of alcohol, according to the criminal complaint. The messages also shifted toward the goal of keeping the woman at Drucker’s home and asking her sexually-charged questions, the criminal complaint alleges.

While at Drucker’s home, the victim became ill and passed out in the bathroom. That’s when Weinstein allegedly told Drucker to use spy glasses to take photos of the victim.

During the investigation of the incident, the victim told police that she recalled going to dinner, saying her wine “didn’t taste right” and she was “so sick” the next morning, but didn’t recall the rest of the night, according to the criminal complaint.

Further investigation led to the discovery of photos of the victim that were allegedly taken in the bathroom at Drucker’s home. The investigation began in August when a man claimed that he found illicit messages on a phone that once belonged to Drucker.

During that same investigation, detectives say they found photos on an iPad showing Weinstein sexually assaulting a woman in 2012 while she was unconscious, the criminal complaint alleges. He is accused of indecent assault in this incident.

Unsecured bail for both Weinstein and Drucker was set at $300,000. Preliminary hearings are set for October 18.

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