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South Western School District stepping up security via visitor management system

YORK COUNTY — South Western School District will soon be stepping up security at all of its buildings.

The school district said Thursday that the Board of Directors have authorized use of a visitor management system, known as School Gate Guardian.

The system, a self-service kiosk located at the main entrance of each building, will scan the government issued photo ID or┬ávalid driver’s license of each visitor. School Gate Guardian checks for the existence of court actions, such as protection from abuse, or custodial orders and child sex offender criminal history through the Family Watchdog registry, according to the school district.

If cleared, a photo badge with the visitor’s information he/she registered will be printed out: visitor’s name, date, time and reason for the visit. A district employee will then grant the visitor access to the building.

The visitor must return to the kiosk to scan the printed badge and check out when he/she decides to leave.