Hunters in Pennsylvania gear up for multiple season openers

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YORK, Pa.-- Prime time for Pennsylvania hunting season is here, so that means you might start seeing some more hunters throughout the commonwealth. According to Pennsylvania is listed as one of the top hunting states, and this weekend marks the start of several season openers.

The PA Game Commission says Saturday marks the first day of the regular squirrel and rabbit hunting season, opening day of the one week muzzle loader season for antler-less deer, and the first day of the ruffed grouse and woodcock season. For Southern parts of PA, Saturday also marks the start of duck season.

There are a few things the Pennsylvania Game Commission wants to remind hunters-- hunting with a firearm is not permitted within 150 yards of any occupied building, school, farm, or playground, unless you have permission from the owners. Disregarding the safety zone is a violation of the law.

Regarding the amount of fluorescent orange a hunter must wear, that depends on the animal that is being hunted. Orange must be worn at all times during hunting and has to be visible in every direction, for muzzle-loader season for antler-less deer. These rules do vary and you can find those regulations on the commission's website.

Pheasant season is just around the corner, beginning on October 20, with opening day for foxes and other animals too. For more information on hunting in Pennsylvania you can visit the PA Game Commission's website.

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