Rep. Rozzi calls on Senate leadership to pass statute of limitations reform including retroactive window

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HARRISBURG, Pa. – With three days left in this legislative session, State Representative Mark Rozzi is calling on Senate leaders to pass statute of limitations reform. This comes after the scathing Grand Jury report regarding child sexual abuse in several Catholic dioceses across the Commonwealth.

Last month, the State House overwhelmingly passed Rozzi’s window to justice amendment to SB261. However, it’s since stalled in the State Senate. Rep. Rozzi is now in talks with senate majority leadership trying to come to an agreement on an amendment of statute of limitations legislation.

Rozzi says the proposal he received from Senate leaders is “unacceptable” as it does not include any retroactive window that would allow now-adult victims of childhood sexual abuse the opportunity to file civil claims. Rozzi says the proposal does include language of a fund set up for victims, but he says that is simply not enough. A retroactive window was a key recommendation from the four Grand Jury investigations into the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania.

“Who is the hero? that’s who the victims are asking right now. Who is going to step up,” said Rozzi. “And if we can have that senator do the right thing and fight for us we could get this done next week.”

Rozzi says he would like to see an agreement happen and a proposal by Senate leaders including a retroactive window by Sunday allowing the legislature to move quickly and pass it before this legislative session ends next week. He says if nothing gets done, this is an issue that will not go away.

“Let me be clear, we will be back at these steps next year and every year that follows until we get that window done,” said Rozzi. “I want to be clear with that we are not going away. Victims deserve their day in court.”

Senator Scarnati’s office issued this statement in response to Rep. Rozzi’s comments, “Sen. Scarnati continues to have interest in resolving the statute of limitations issues next week. The goals are to deliver compensation and justice for the victims. As well as the other three grand jury recommendations. Negotiations are ongoing.”

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