15 Lebanon couples say “I do” together at Calvary Chapel

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LEBANON, Pa. -- Over a dozen couples dreams became a reality on Saturday and it was all thanks to the generosity from the nearly sixty volunteers at Calvary Chapel Lebanon.

A sense of love and gratitude filled the church as fifteen couples who had been dreaming of tying the knot --  but couldn’t due to financial hardships -- finally had their wishes granted.

Nancy and Douglas Snuggs have been married for three years.

“I always wanted to give her the wedding that she so rightly deserves," said Douglas Snuggs.

“I’ll be sixty two in two weeks and I think this is the best birthday gift I ever had," said Nancy Snuggs.

Lebanon Calvary Chapel pastor, Thom Keller says the idea behind throwing ‘One Big Wedding’ was about giving back.

“Being able to provide something out of the heart to give, it just means a lot," said Keller.

Jason and Rebecca Washington say they couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

“It’s kind of like when people say love at first sight, I saw her and automatically we clicked and now we’re having a baby so what a better way to close a deal than to get married," said Jason Washington.

“I’m glad you’re a part of my life," said Rebecca Washington.

Some of the couples taking part had been together for nearly two decades, finally able to walk down the isle for the first time.

“He came home and said uh…I signed us up to get married and that was the end of it and here we are," said Helen Ward.

Helen and Mark Ward have been together for seventeen years.

"When I saw her coming down I started crying," said Mark Ward.

"He started crying and I was like dang he was looking at me last night do I look different,"  Helen Ward added.

"I started crying because she was so beautiful walking down the isle, emotion just came over," said Mark Ward.

"You’re the best baby, that’s my man," added Helen Ward.

Everything from marriage licenses to rings, wedding dresses, suits and more were all donated.

A reception was also held following the ceremony for the couples who took part.

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