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A chance at a normal life with the Multiple Disabilities Support Program at Warwick

WARWICK, Pa. - Often overlooked by the community, Warwick School District provides an opportunity.

They've always done the work. But, a  new program this year helps aid those with certain disabilities to grow with their peers and further their involvement in the community.

Their MDS program - Multiple Disabilities Support - works with students who have one of several disabling conditions including, but not limited to, autism, cerebral palsy and more.

“Seeing them able to communicate for the first time is the most special thing you’ll ever see," Hannah Futer, a teacher in the program said.

“If they’re in reading class, a kid is having trouble fidgeting… we might provide them something to relax their nervous system to be able to attend to the class," Tanya Myers, the program's physical therapist, said.

As the hard work continues, the students grow.

“They really create an image for themselves within the community when they’re seen," Futer said.

And for the teachers and staff, they wouldn't rather be anywhere else.

“The kids are amazing. You might get tired, but every day you see the kids and you’re like ‘This is where I belong,'” Myers said.