Black bear spotted in Springettsbury Township neighborhood

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SPRINGETTSBURY TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Police in a York County neighborhood received several reports of an unwanted visitor in Springettsbury Township this week. A bear payed a visit to the neighbors of sentry woods neighborhood, unannounced.

He’s not your typical visitor, but one thing’s for sure; he’s not afraid to make himself right at home.

“He had already opened the lid again to the bird feeder, helped himself, and knocked a lot of bird seed on the ground,” Mark Robertson said.

Tuesday night, a neighbor told Robertson he saw a furry friend in the neighborhood and sent him a video. So Mark thought, ‘why not check out back?’

“He was literally just kind of meandering around,” Robertson said. “And I raised the window, beat on the house, and ran him off.”

Only to be back five minutes later. He just wanted a snack. Can you blame him?

“This is one of those so-called squirrel proof bird feeders,” Robertson said. “Which is not working all that well, but literally he ripped the top off and you can see how it’s bent.”

Afraid he might overstay his welcome, the bear finally took the hint after about an hour or so. Police scared the bear off by honking their horn completely by accident. But not before his photo-op, of course.

“The bear wasn’t aggressive any at all,” Robertson said. “In fact it was kind of funny, when I took the picture I had a bright flash flight. He turned his head, like, ‘okay I’m being filmed,’ or something like that. Didn’t bother him at all.”

“If we find the bear can we name it?” Fox 43 asked police. “Yeah, you sure can,” Sgt. Brian Wilbur said.

Police said there is no immediate threat to the public. The PA Game Commission recommends you keep trash cans secure and don't leave food outside. And if you see a bear, keep your distance.

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