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Family First with FOX43: Tips to survive cold and flu season

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In this week's Family First with FOX43, Matt Maisel spoke with Dr. Mario Sangillo of JDC Pediatrics in Mechanicsburg about the best ways to help your infant and toddler fight against colds and flus.

Along with what is featured in the story, Dr. Sangillo offered his "Five Flu Manners" to help families best prevent the flu from entering their homes.

  1. Get The Flu Shot - This, Dr. Sangillo says, is the most important step. All parents and their children should get the flu vaccine and best part about it? It's free!
  2. Have The Flu? Stay Home! - Sometimes, getting a cold, or worse yet, the flu, is unavoidable. When that happens, Dr. Sangillo suggests staying home. In extreme cases, quarantine yourself or your children.
  3. Cough Into Your Arm - Most people still cough into their hands or a closed fist. Doctor Sangillo recommends coughing into your arm or your shoulder is the most effective way to block germs from spreading.
  4. Wash Your Hands - Most people, Dr. Sangillo says, only wash their hands for 3-5 seconds at a time, when it should be closer to 20 seconds, he recommends.
  5. Wash Surfaces - Everything you touch can carry germs for extended periods of time; phones, door knobs, etc. If someone is carrying the flu strain, it could jump to you. Cleaning surfaces with a disinfectant or bleach wipe will help rid areas of potentially harmful germs.
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