HSFF 2018 week 9 York at Northeastern highlights

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MANCHESTER, York County, Pa. -- It was a York-Adams League battle with the Bearcats visiting the Bobcats on Friday night.

York High's Dayjure Stewart picked up a nice gain around the end early, but he was forced out of bounds by a host of Bobcats. Later in the drive, Seth Bernstein handed the ball  off on first and goal to Rob Rideout who reached the endzone.

But the Bobcats weren't done. In the second quarter, trailing 14-7, Northeastern's Zech Sanderson  threw the ball downfield to Jordan Lagana, who was brought down at the 38-yard line.

It set up a game-tying score for Northeastern. The Bobcats junior quarterback handed it off to sophomore running back Manny Capo, who crossed the goal line, tying the game at 14-14.

The score was close throughout. The Bearcats made it out of Manchester with a big win, 32-28/.

York: 32

Northeastern: 28

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