Ticket sales push tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot to $1 billion


MIDDLETOWN — Thanks to strong ticket sales, tonight’s Mega Millions® jackpot was boosted again today to an estimated $1 billion annuity value or $565.6 million cash.

“If you’re planning to play, remember that Mega Millions ticket sales in Pennsylvania end at 9:59 p.m. on drawing nights,” said Lottery Executive Director Drew Svitko. “We remind players to always play responsibly, no matter the jackpot level.”

The jackpot is the largest in Mega Millions history and the second-largest in U.S. lottery history. The jackpot has been rolling since it was last won on July 24, when a California office pool of 11 co-workers shared $543 million, the largest prize ever won on a single ticket in the game. 

After there was no jackpot winner in the Tuesday, October 16, Mega Millions drawing, the jackpot rolled to a $900 million annuity value or $513.4 million cash. The jackpot was adjusted at midday Thursday to an estimated $970 million annuity value or $548.6 million cash.

The Pennsylvania Lottery has sold two jackpot-winning Mega Millions tickets since joining the game in 2010. A jackpot-winning ticket with a $149 million annuity value was sold in White Oak, Allegheny County, for the May 20, 2014, drawing. It was claimed by a Pittsburgh-area couple who took the $86.8 million cash prize.

The second had an annuity value of $153 million and was sold in Milton, Northumberland County, for the July 21, 2015, drawing. A Virginia man claimed the cash prize of $91.7 million.

A Mega Millions ticket costs $2. Mega Millions is played in 44 states, Washington, D.C., and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Visit palottery.com for details on how to play Mega Millions.

SOURCE: Pennsylvania Lottery

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