Bill proposes subjecting PA representatives, senators to random drug tests

LANCASTER, Pa. --- A bill recently proposed in the Pennsylvania House would require newly elected or re-elected lawmakers to submit to random drug testing for controlled substances.

House Bill 2706 would require a drug test within the first 60 days of the election.

Another random test would be done at least once during the calendar year but not more than once every three months.

The primary sponsor of the bill, Rep. Ed Gainey (D-Allegheny), said it's meant to hold lawmakers to the same standard as individuals who receive public assistance.

“We require so many people to take drug tests. But the people that are getting taxpayer dollars, state representatives and state senators, do not take a drug test. That’s hypocritical," said Gainey.

According to the proposal, the tests would be provided by a company or corporation that is chosen through a bidding process.

Members who pass the drug test do not have to pay for the test but if a member fails the test, they'll have to pay for it.

Facets such as testing, results and any challenges to the result will be confidential unless a person refuses two more drug tests or fails two or more tests.

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