Harrisburg man charged after alleged two-day, drunken tirade damages properties in York

YORK — A 23-year-old Harrisburg man is facing numerous charges after police say he went on a two-day drunken tirade that resulted in property damage, physical threats, and fighting last week on the 400 block of West Princess Street.

Carlosse Djuan Edrington is charged with criminal mischief resulting in property damage, harassment, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness, according to York City Police.

According to police, officers were summoned to the scene at about 4:33 p.m. on Saturday. A witness told police that a neighbor was “going crazy” nearby.

Police found Edrington seated in a chair inside a home on the block. He was bleeding from his right arm, had bruising on his face, and smelled of alcohol, according to police.

Edrington’s ex-girlfriend told police she had broken up with him on the night of Oct. 19, and refused to let him stay with her overnight. She said Edrington remained in the area, drinking all night. The neighbors on either side of the woman’s home took turns taking him in for the night, she told police.

Witnesses said Edrington spent the next day drinking. “He would pass out, sleep for a while, wake up, and start drinking again,” the criminal complaint states.

Several witnesses said Edrington staggered around the neighborhood on Saturday, banging his head against walls, yelling, and damaging property. He eventually became violent with one neighbor, chasing her with a tire reamer and threatening to harm her. Other neighbors intervened, and Edrington allegedly began fighting with one of them, police say.

Edrington allegedly fell into several homes while wandering around the neighborhood, damaging a wooden banister on one porch and a metal banister on another. He also allegedly sliced the tires of four vehicles parked in the neighborhood, police say.

The total amount of damage Edrington is accused of causing comes to $739.55, police say.


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