Capitol officials say there is no danger in PA, following suspicious packages in NY and DC

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"Let’s face it. We are now somewhat of a divided nation, really,” said one person we spoke with in Harrisburg.

Today’s political climate has some people we spoke with in Harrisburg concerned.

“I think our country is already a very scary place to live. I would not want to be a high profile figure at this point in the game," said another person.

And after several high profile democrats and CNN’s New York bureau received potential homemade bombs in the mail, some people we worried about what could happen here in Pennsylvania.

“Capitol Police are aware of the situation occurring up in New York and the Washington D.C. area, and they are monitoring the situation," said Troy Thompson, press secretary for the Department of General Services.

Thompson says right now there is no reason to believe Pennsylvania or any of our state politicians are in danger.

“In terms of any mail, that is actually handled at an off-site processing mail facility. So it is scanned, they look at any suspicious features of a package, and that’s done off site. So in that sense, we don’t have any concern,” said Thompson.

There are also Capitol Police officers and metal detectors at each entrance to the building.

“So at this point, we are monitoring the situation, but we see no reason to raise the security here at the Capitol Complex,” said Thompson.

Thompson says if anything changes, they are confident they would have a handle on the situation.

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