Experience a paranormal investigation at the haunted Haldeman Mansion

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CONOY TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY Pa.-- There's a mansion in Lancaster County that resides on the grounds of so much history, which is one of the main reasons as to why it's haunted.

The Paranormal Director, Lora Shirey and one of the board members of the Haldeman Mansion Preservation Society, says she has experienced a lot of paranormal activity in the Haldeman Mansion and the surrounding area.

She now works with Public Lead Investigator, Robert Doughtery and the two of them offer private and public Paranormal Investigations.

They start the sessions by telling guests about the history of he Haldeman Mansion, they give a tour of the rooms, talk about the spirit activities they encounter, and introduce you to the ghosts who live there.

Some of the ghosts you might interact with, or that might interact with you are-- Jacob, the grouchy man, the servants, and some children.  (They are not shy and will let you know they are there) You have to investigate to find out more!

Shirey has several investigative tools that help connect with the spirits by asking them yes or no questions, or showing you where they are in the room-- and they do work. You will be shocked as to what you will hear and feel within minutes of walking into the Haldeman Mansion.

You can purchase tickets on their website for their November 24 paranormal investigation event, and read more about the history of the mansion and the Haldeman's. If you want to book a private paranormal investigation you can call Lora at (717) 424-5286.

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