Well-known York County bartender facing expensive diagnosis without health insurance

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YORK, Pa. -- A well-known bartender in York is facing a tough and expensive diagnosis.

Tutoni’s head bartender is battling lung cancer without any health insurance.

He’s pushing through the illness though with a little help from his work family.

James Gibble, a self-proclaimed wine-connoisseur, is also known by many in York for creating some of the most unique and tasty drinks.

"A lot of these, I come up with right before I sleep," he explained.

He has been mixing up cocktails for years at different places in the city - Tutoni's and The Left Bank, to name two.

However, it's more than just his creations which have left quite an impression on customers.

"Every time, I would come to the bar, and I would sit down, it was like, 'here’s this fascinating guy, with just this encyclopedic memory of alcohol, spirits, and food in general', and it was just like every time, I would come in here, it was just like coming in here, having a conversation with the most interesting man in the world behind the bar," said Dylan Smith, who preps at the restaurant.

James left so much of an impression on Smith he wanted to become a part of the Tutoni's family.

"It was like James is one of those people where it’s like the food is so great, and obviously, the employees are amazing, and it just drove me in here," explained Smith.

Now, James is creating the fall/winter drink menu at the restaurant, all the while battling lung cancer.

"I mean, I was crushed when I first heard of it. This is somebody who is a friend of York," stated Smith.

Still, James continues to work, despite the tumor in his lung, and think of his customers, even thinking up drinks while in the hospital.

He doesn’t have health insurance, and his bills could add up when chemotherapy starts.

The owner of Tutoni's, Toni, created a GoFundMe online, and the restaurant is donating some of their nightly proceeds to help.

“I’m humbled and grateful, just thank you. I really appreciate everybody. Everybody’s offering me so many things and wanting to do so much for me, it’s overwhelming sometimes, but just thank you," said Gibble.

The goal is to raise $200,000 to help with his medical costs.

You can donate at https://www.gofundme.com/james-gibble-fund.

There will also be a 'King James Night' at Tutoni's Restaurant December 14th.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/315728865876132/

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