Spring Grove man facing charges after allegedly sexually abusing student with cerebral palsy

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ADAMS COUNTY, Pa.– A Spring Grove man is facing charges after he allegedly sexually abused a student with cerebral palsy.

Robert Shultz II, 55, is facing aggravated indecent assault, corruption of minors, and institutional sexual assault in schools, among other related charges.

On February 23, police responded to Gettysburg Hospital for a reported sexual assault.

The victim, a 9-year-old who is confined to a wheelchair with cerebral palsy, told his mother that an assembly had taken place at the end of the school day at Lincoln Elementary School and he was removed from it early by Shultz II and taken to the nurse’s office.

The victim said that Shultz II, who was the child’s personal care assistant, would take him to the nurse’s office about twice a day.

On the day in question, Shultz II allegedly took the victim to the nurse’s office, pulled a curtain shut, and began to change the victim’s soiled clothing.

During that changing, the victim said that Shultz II digitally penetrated him, “stroked” him, and “put his mouth on my mouth, and put his tongue in my mouth.”

On March 1, a child forensic interview took place with the victim, who said that “weird stuff” had happened more than one time with Shultz II.

When asked what kind of “weird stuff” had occurred, the victim told police that Shultz II let the victim say “bad words” and would stroke him.

The victim told police these occurrences happened in the nurse’s office and the library when no one was around.

The victim said that he asked Shultz II to stop, but he wouldn’t, and told the victim not to tell anyone.

On March 2, police spoke to the victim’s teacher about the incident, and received a Valentine’s Day card that was addressed from Shultz II to the victim.

It was a musical card that played the song “Wild Thing, You Make My Hear Sing.” The card was signed, “Love, Mr. Bob.”

The victim’s teacher told police that on February 22 in the afternoon, Shultz II and the victim were gone for about 10-15 minutes in the bathroom.

When the teacher went to check on the pair, he found that the nurse’s office bathroom door was locked.

He told police that he knocked about five times with no answer before Shultz II opened the door and said, “I didn’t know it was locked.”

The teacher told police he had been knocking on the door for about three minutes before it was opened.

Now, Shultz II is facing charges.

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