Halloween Games for Kids with Renee Patrone of Party Host Helpers
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Halloween Games for Kids with Renee Patrone of Party Host Helpers

MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP,Pa--- Renee Patrone of Party Host Helpers on some easy and fun games for the kids and even the adults!

These games could probably go both ways – first – buy lots of inexpensive toilet paper and let the kids “mummify” each other.  They will love being able to play with a everyday household item and its an easy way to occupy their time.  (Show framed photos of people mummified/have toilet paper)

Another fun activity – is have the kids decorate their own “treat” bags and go trick or treating in the house.  So set up a little arts and craft station, grab these small gift bags and markers and crayons and googly eyes and stickers, the kids will have fun decorating and then they can go “trick or treating” throughout each room of the party.  Have a designated spot in each room – preferably with a supervising adult! Let’s create our own!