‘Ask Evan’: “Why isn’t sediment being removed from Lake Williams?”

This week's 'Ask Evan question deals with the York Water Company's work that is underway at Lake Williams in York County.  Linda W asks, "Last year when York Water drained Lake Redman, I asked why York Water Co. didn't dredge the silt & debris out of the lake toward Issac Walton where the water flows into the lake. It is so filled up with silt that there is no water at the observation walkway & deck.  Now they have drained Lake Williams to do major work on the dam. They have also drained a substantial amount from Lake Redman in case of heavy rains so none goes into Lake Williams while they are working.  Again I ask, why don't they dredge out the silt & debris while the levels are down?

Lake Williams is currently drained to allow work to take place on the dam-- and the level of Lake Redman is also lower.  York Water Company officials agree that if the company needed to remove any sediment, the time would be when the lake or lakes are lowered.

However, nothing is free.  Water company officials say there is a cost to remove the sediment, and with 2.3 billion gallons of water in storage-- the company has ample water storage to meet the demands of the water system.  So, without the need for additional capacity, company officials say it isn't prudent to spend the money to remove the sediment at this time.

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